U.K. Bank Account open for donations!

Now we have our very own U.K. bank account so donations however big or small can easily be transfered to our lovely project!

The Co-operative Bank
Sort Code: 08-91-04
Account: 09186912
It's in the name of: Claire Bessel

Feel free to pass this info on to family and friends and anyone else that may be interested in the project.

Welcome to our campaign!
Donate £1 or more and let 5 people know about the project!
Go for it!

The first £1 has already been donated!

3 days left on Indiegogo!

Dear friends, fans and everyone else!
With just 3 days left, we probably won't be able to reach our goal of $25000 on Indiegogo but it would be nice to reach the round number of $1000. So please tell your friends and family about us! As for the contributions, we will use it to apply for funding from film fests and other foundations. It will go towards the entry free and postage. And thanks to your support, we feel encouraged and will continue to seek for ways to make this film happen!
Please like us on facebook or check our website for updates.
on behalf of Ten Harber, Claire Bessel and Nabila Nasir.
Producers of Beg Siapa

Brighton Launch Night 21/09/2013

So the Saturday just passed, we had our very first launch night for Beg Siapa!

We anxiously opened the doors at the Marlborough Pub Theatre around 1930, after setting up the projector, making the decorations, footing the chairs, laying out the chairs, and discussing who might turn up.

To our delight, a full and friendly house turned up who merrily drank, happily ate delicious coconut fritters (home made by Mien), and watched the feature queer films and the making of Beg Siapa.

Akshay Khanna gave a wonderful and insightful talk on the importance of queer cinema, and afterwards Mien answered our questions and gave us a little more information about the film. But still has not told us what is inside the bag!

 So, a massive thank you once again to all of those who turned up to support Beg Siapa, and a super high five to all of those who donated generously. We had a magical time at our first launch, and loved the Beg Siapa earrings, sported by Mei Wah. 


Indiegogo goes live! MOney money money must be funny in a rich mans world......do do do dodo all the films i could make if i had a little money....do do do do ....donate generously!!!

Mien, Ten and Claire Brainstorming!

The crazy trio is meeting right now at Claire's to brainstorm strategy to dig for more gold! Yo!

We've reached $600!

Awesome news! Thanks to the Fabulous t.e.saunders, we've increased our funds from $360 to $600!! Your name is now engraved on our Wall of Fab (+ t-shirt 'I Am Fabulous and other perks) If you want your name there too, please donate!

Here's a challenge for the rest of us, let's make it to $1000 today! Can we do it? I hear AYE!! Please ask 3 friends to donate today, any amount is appreciated. and they come with perks!


If you haven't seen it yet lurking around the corner, this is it. The trailer we made to show you what we are a capable of and of course to make you pull your hair and ask 'WHAT IS IN THE BAG?!!'

The official answer to that is 'give us your money and find out from the movie lah!'

ENJOY! Post in on your blog, fb and twitter! Call 3 friends and tell them to watch the trailer!

Beg Siapa Trailer from begsiapa on Vimeo.